Thursday, February 25, 2010

IKEA's undercover Kitchen Squad!

I am a HUGE fan of Ikea, and I think this new marketing approach is brilliant!
Home furnishing GIANT Ikea are about to unveil an innovative new marketing campaign to promote its extensive kitchen offering. This will first air tomorrow night during the Late Late. It will be the first reality home makeover commercial to be aired on Irish television.

The concept is built around the theme of IKEAs Kitchen Squad, a group of designers, planners etc selected for their kitchen expertise by IKEA for this three part reality TV commercial. What I think is very cool, is that the Kitchen Squad are all real life IKEA workers, who went through and audition process to find the best of the best in their field.

The commercial is made up of 3 families who return home to find their old run down kitchen missing, and replaced with ... you guessed it, a brand new IKEA kitchen by 'The Kitchen Squad'. Participants were all nominated by friends or family member and have no idea, so all the reactions are real.

Make sure and tune in tomorrow night during the Late Late, and also the adverts will run up until May, on RTE 1, RTE 2, TG4 and TV3. Have a little look at the teaser below.

IKEA Teaser


  1. I like the blog Avril, keep it up!

    Reminded me of this I saw a few days ago:

    It's hard not to like IKEA

    Hope you are good!


  2. Hey Dan, thanks a mil.. hope your keeping well.. just kinda started it out of boredom, but enjoying it now.. Av